What is UV & DTF?

DTF (Direct to Film) printing is a cutting-edge technique that has emerged as an artform in the last three years.

Pioneering this revolutionary method from its inception, we’ve dedicated countless hours to refining our craft.

Our journey has been one of relentless experimentation and overcoming challenges, all to perfect the art of producing vibrant, flawlessly soft designs.

At its core, DTF involves printing an image onto a specialised PET film using a bespoke printer and our eco-friendly water-based inks. This approach marks a significant departure from traditional methods, setting a new benchmark in the printing industry.

We have embarked on an exhaustive research and development phase. Through a series of rigorous trials and experiments, our objective was clear: to master the technique of creating exceptional designs that boast an unparalleled soft feel and flawless finish.

Our path to mastering DTF printing was fraught with obstacles. Each challenge, from technical hurdles to material limitations, was met with a steadfast resolve to innovate. This relentless pursuit of perfection today allows us to deliver outstanding results that set us apart.

DTF Transfers 

At the heart of DTF printing is the Direct to Film technique, which involves a two-step process.

Initially, an image is printed onto special PET film. Subsequently, this printed film undergoes what we affectionately term “cooking” – a process where adhesive powder is melted onto the design.

This meticulous procedure ensures that the final transfer onto fabric materials not only showcases vibrant colours but also a superior soft texture, redefining quality in textile embellishment.

UV Transfers 

At DTF Printing Kings, we’re proud to bring you the cutting-edge UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) Printing service, a revolutionary technique that leverages the power of UV printers for direct film printing without the need for traditional inks or toners.

This state-of-the-art process not only enhances the durability and cost-effectiveness of prints but also marks a significant leap over conventional printing methodologies.

With our deep expertise and advanced equipment, we specialize in utilizing UV DTF printing to print directly onto hard various materials.

Thanks to the instant drying and curing of ink by the UV light from our printers, we guarantee swift turnaround times, even for short-run projects.

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