DTF Gang Sheet Builder

    • Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing, where creativity meets fabric. Imagine it as a magical process that brings your colorful designs to life on various materials, like t-shirts, tote bags, and hats. Here’s our behind-the-scenes tour:
        1. Cost-Effectiveness:
          • DTF printing is much more efficient than ordering online or creating and printing on demand.
          • It incurs lower production costs, allowing retailers to sell products at competitive prices.
        2. High-Quality Output:
          • The streamlined DTF process ensures high-quality prints.
          • Vibrant colors, intricate details, and accurate designs are achievable.
        3. Faster Turnaround Time:
          • DTF printing minimizes setup time compared to traditional methods.
          • Quick production cycles mean faster delivery to customers.
        4. Versatility in Fabric Choice:
          • DTF allows printing on various fabrics, including polyester, cotton, fleece, nylon, and their blends.
          • The print isn’t tied to a specific material, expanding product options.
          • From sportswear to promotional apparel, DTF adapts to different fabric types.
        5. Durability:
          • DTF prints exhibit excellent durability, even after multiple washes.
          • The ink adheres well to fabric, ensuring longevity.
          • Whether it’s a T-shirt or a tote bag, DTF designs withstand wear and tear.
        6. Eco-Friendly Practices:
          • DTF printing reduces waste compared to other methods.
          • Minimal setup and reduced ink usage contribute to eco-conscious production.
          • Environmentally conscious businesses appreciate this aspect of DTF.

        In summary, DTF printing combines efficiency, quality, and versatility, making it a valuable tool for creative expression and business success



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Weight N/A
Dimensions 100 × 56 cm

A3, Meter sheet

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